Tierra Whack – Wasteland Mp3

Tierra Whack – Wasteland MP3 Download.

Tierra Whack continues to deliver new music, this time dropping off “Wasteland” for the masses. Taking to a smooth, resonant organ progression, Whack sets the tone with a soulful dose of melody. Her opening refrain is immediately infectious, a testament to her versatility as a songwriter. “Chilling in the hills, hills have eyes,” she sings, backed by an eerie, alien harmony. “Can’t be seen with you, you don’t match my fly.” A slick bassline accentuates Whack’s delivery, which reveals an impressive mastery of cadence. Not only that, but the verse’s clever melodic structure proves that Whack is approaching instrumentals with a noted vision, rather than simply flexing her technical prowess.

In some ways, “Wasteland” is a simple ditty, lovely in its delivery and warm in its musical tone. In others, it is haunting in its own self-imposed loneliness, a theme betrayed by the song’s title. The vibe is open to interpretation, so draw your own conclusion. In the meantime, enjoy Whack’s consistent generosity, as “Whack History Month” continues in full bloom.

Quotable Lyrics

I got bigger fish to fry, I can tell a lie
Walk away from me, that’s my best advice
Chilling in the hills, hills have eyes
Can’t be seen with you, you don’t match my fly
Try to buy me lunch, you gon’ play the price

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